SOPHOS Virus Software

Lyon College provides virus, malware and spyware protection for all computers on the Lyon college network. ITUG (Lyon's Information Technology Users Group, which includes student representation) has approved a policy making it mandatory that all computers connected to the campus network (logged in to LYONNET) run this Lyon provided and approved software. This software purchased from SOPHOS ( is a commercial grade anti-virus software.
SOPHOS Software
We download virus updates daily and disseminate them to all participating PCs (even when you take your computer home, when connected to the internet your virus definitions will be updated). Also, we operate a server which provides Windows Security Updates quickly. Both types of security updates are required to keep a Windows machine operating safely and securely.

When you log on to the Lyon network (the box after user id and password will display LYONNET) your current anti-virus program will be UNINSTALLED and replaced with SOPHOS.

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