Sung by: Mrs. Mary Belle Young
Recorded in Batesville, AR 8/17/61

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Frog went a-courting;
He did ride.
Ring plum body mitch cam boo.
Sword and buckler by his side,
Ring plum body mitch cam boo.
Ky-mo ree-o delta carry-o.
Ky-mo ree-o carry-o.
Straddle addle addle bom-bo,
Bombo linkum rinkum poddy,
Mitch cam boo.

Also found in Randolph, Vol. I, #108, “The Frog’s Courtship”; Brown, Vol. III, #120, “The Frog’s Courtship”; Belden, p. 494, “The Frog’s Courtship.”

All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

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Lyon College, Batesville, Arkansas
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