Sung by: Mrs. Russell Vaughan
Recorded in Memphis, TN

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(Mrs. Vaughan: “I want to sing one about, uh, a Scotch ballad. I don’t know just how old it is, but I’ll have to fill in some of it with telling the story, because I don’t remember all the verses.”)

A chieftain to the highlands bound
Cries, “Boatman, do not tarry,
And I’ll give thee a silver pound
To row us o’er the ferry.”

“Now who be ye, would cross Lock Gow (?)
This dark and stormy water?”
“Oh, I’m the chief of all those islands;
This is Lord Ullen’s daughter.

“Her father hard behind us rides;
Three days we’ve fled together,
For should he find us in the glen,
My blood would stain the heather.”

Oh, hast thee, haste,” the lady cries,
“Should he our steps discover,
Then who will cheer this lonely bride,
When they have slain her lover.”

(Comment by Mrs. Vaughan: “And then they get in the boat, and the boatman warns them again how deep and dark the waves are and how stormy the night is. But, in distress, they get in the boat and start across, and of course, the storm and the waves roll over them just before they reach the other side. The father comes up and finds them just as they go down beneath the waves. And then in desperation he cries: . . .” )

“Come back, come back,” her father cried,
“Across this stormy water,
And I’ll forgive your highland chief,
My daughter, oh, my daughter.”

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