Sung by: Unknown

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. . .
And she seemed to think of no one else but me,
But I played . . . as I always did before.
This caused her to . . . our front door.

I thought she’d return, but in that, I was wrong.
I can’t drown my sorrow with women, wine, and song.
Her heart, it was broken. I hang my head in shame.
I dream of her each night and call out her name.

She begged me to quit going out to the bars,
But I thought the bright lights were better than the stars.
She wouldn’t share a life of sin and shame.
Now I must admit that I am to blame.

If only I could tell her the way I feel now,
I’d beg her come back . . .
I know she’d be happy; her tears would all be dry.
I’d give up that breight light for the stars in her eyes.

I think I will leave here, but don’t know where to roam,
For this empty house is no longer a home.
I . . . love . . .
No more from her side would I ever want to go.

All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

The John Quincy Wolf Folklore Collection
Lyon College, Batesville, Arkansas
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