Sung by: ? Treat
Recorded at the Leslie Homecoming, 6/13/63

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Well, I went to milk one winter morning,
Weary at the stool.
That old red cow just stood and looked
At me like I was a fool.
I sat down on my little stool,
And not a word was said
‘Til I had placed the pail beneath
The old cow’s . . . head.

Chorus: Oh, I’m a jolly farmer;
I work from sun to sun.
I sometimes go a-fishing
And a-hunting to my gun (?),
And when I get married,
She must know how
To feed the hens, slop the pigs,
And milk the old red cow.

Someday when I get married,
I ain't doing a thing,
But sit around the house and wait
For the dairy bell to ring.
It'll be nice to have a wife
Around to do the chores.
That old red cow will never kick me
Out of the lot no more.


All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

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