Sung by: Mr. and Mrs. Berry Sutterfield

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There was a rich lady--
From Ireland she came--
A beautiful damsel
Called Sally by name.

There was a poor young man
Whom we all do know.
To reward his fine lady,
But his courtship did go.

Her mind being so lovely,
And her portion so high,
Upon this poor young man,
She scarce cast an eye.

"Oh Sally, oh Sally,
Oh Sally," says he.
"I'm sorry that your love
And mine can't agree,
And if you won't marry me,
Your ruin I'll prove.
I hope that your hatred
Will all turn to love."

"I can't say that I hate you,
Nor no other man,
But as far as to love you,
It's more than I can.
You as well to retire,
And end your discourse,
For I never will marry you
Unless I am forced."

Six months had not come,
Nor six months had not passed,
When I heard all this rich girl's
Misfortune at last.
She was all tangled in love,
And she could not tell why.
She had sent for this young man
That she once did deny.

Just like a young doctor
To her bedside did ride.
"Is the pain in your head, love,
Or is the pain in your side?"
"Oh, no, sir, it's neither,
I'll tell you the rest.
The pain that's now killing me
Lies deep in my breast."

"Oh, am I a doctor
That you sent for tonight,
Or am I the young man
That you once did deny?"
"Oh, yes, sir, you're the doctor,
Can kill or can cure.
Without your assistance
I'm ruined, I'm sure."

"Oh Sally, oh Sally,
Oh Sally," says he.
"Don't you remember
When you once slighted me?
When you denied me
You denied me with scorn,
And now I'll reward you
For a thing past and gone."

"For a thing past and gone, love,
I hope you'll forgive,
And grant me some longer
A time for to live . . ."

Also found in Randolph, Vol. I, #40, "Pretty Sally of London"; Belden, p. 111, "A Brave Irish Lady."

All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

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