Sung by: Mr. Berry Sutterfield
Recorded in Big Flat, AR 8/30/58

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I'll sing you a little song, and I think it nothing wrong
To drive all the Rebels right where they belong.

Chorus: And I'll raise a Union band
     to make the Rebels understand
To leave our land or submit to Uncle Sam.

I had a little gun and I called it Number One:
Shot eleven-pound bum, and I'll slam as they come.


I had a little gun, and I called it Number Two.
Hurr-o, Abe, we'll put the Rebels through.


I had a little gun and I called it Number Three,
Hurr-o, Abe, we'll set the nigger free.


There's old General Rose Scott; he's got the day sot
To march down to Murfreesboro to see the Rebel trot.


We'll march down to Wildcat to see a little fun;
We'll march down to Wildcat to see the Rebels run.


(Mr. Sutterfield: "I learned this song from Pensin Taylor. He lived, at that time, at Leslie, Arkansas, about fifty years ago. I call it 'The Little Rebel Song.'")

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