Sung by: Berry Sutterfield
Recorded in Marshall, AR 6/14/63

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(Dr. Wolf: "First line, there, and just go ahead with whatever you know of it."
Mr. Sutterfield: "No, I'se just, uh . . .")

A squire approached her in the garden.
Said, "Stand back, stand back," said she,
"For this, it never can be.
You've banished my own dear Willie
On the banks of sweet Bandee."

Her uncle heard the noise,
And he hastened to the ground,
Saying, "Nell, you've killed the squire,
And you shall be bound."
"Oh, yes, I've killed the squire,
And a damsel shall I be."
The trigger she drew,
And her uncle she slew,
On the banks of sweet Bandees.

Send for a doctor
To heal her uncle's wounds,
And also a lawyer,
To write her uncle's will.
He willed his gold to Mary,
Who fought so manfully,
And he closed his eyes to rise no more
On the banks of sweet Bandees.

(??: "Something about Mary?")

Mary's father died and left her
Ten thousand pounds of gold.

(Mr. Sutterfield: "Plow boy, you know, that Mary loved so well. That ofttimes in the garden, those lovely stories would tell. And then went ahead, and . . . That's quite a little bit of it. And I wanted it, and I knew he knowed it, but he said he forgot, he couldn't put it together. So I failed to get it.")

Also found in Randolph, Vol. I, #62, "On the Banks of Sweet Dundee"; Belden, p. 137, "The Banks of Dundee."

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