Sung by: Mr. and Mrs. Berry Sutterfield
Recorded in Marshall, AR 6/14/63

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Late one evening, a couple sat talking,
Two brothers listening to what was said,
Saying, "This courtship must now be ended,
And lay this young man in his grave."

They rose up so early next morning,
And off for hunting they did go,
Insisting upon this young man a-going,
So he went along with them.

They rode those hills and the mountains over,
And over a many of a path unknown.
They rode 'til they came to the lonesome valley,
And there they killed him dead and gone.

Late that evening, as they were returning,
Heard their sister inquiring of her own true love,
Saying, "He got lost in a game of hunting,"
And there was said no more of him.

She went to bed, then dreamed of her lover,
A-coming to her bedside alone,
Saying, "They have kilt me and treated me cruel.
They've wallowed me in a gore of blood."

She rose up so early next morning,
And dressed herself in her silk so fine,
Saying, "I'll ride those hills and the mountains over,
Or seek the lost of my own true love."

She rode those hills and the mountains over,
And over a many of a path unknown.
She rode 'til she came to the lonesome valley,
And there she found him dead alone.

His beautiful cheeks were almost faded;
His lips as soft as any bride.
She turned him over, over and over,
Saying, "Darling, you're a friend of mine."

Late that evening, as she were returning,
Her brother inquiring, "Where have you been?"
Saying, "Keep your seat, you deceitful rascals;
Together both of you shall hang."

(Dr. Wolf: "That's a really good one. That is a good one. Where'd you learn that?"
Mr. Sutterfield: "I learnt that from Isaac Jackson, back about 45 years ago."
Dr. Wolf: "Over around Harriet?"
Mr. Sutterfield: "Yeah, over around Harriet. He lived right there, close to Harriet. Might say something here he'd want to capture. But, "The Rich Lady," now, Jimmy Driftwood told me he had it. He taped it off."
Mrs. Sutterfield: "Not the 'Rich Lady' . . ."
Mr. Sutterfield: "No, not the 'Rich Lady,' but 'The Time Draws Near.' And he taped it . . . he typed it up for me and sent it to me, sent one of his boys down here. Well, both of them come, and that there Beal, or what's his name, Beard. Anyway, he brought it down here and gave it to me, and it's not, don't even imitate it. Now, I'll tell you how it starts.")

Also found in Randolph, Vol. I, #100, "The Jealous Brothers"; Brown, Vol. II, #62, "The Bramble Brier."

All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

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