Sung by: Mr. and Mrs. Berry Sutterfield
Recorded in Marshall, AR 8/1/63

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Hard is the fortune of poor womenkind.
They’re always controlled, and they’re always confined.
They’re bound to their parents until they’re made wives,
And then they’re made slaves all the rest of their lives.

These boys, they’ll go courting--they’ll dress up so fine--
To cheat these poor girls of their own hearts’ design.
They’ll keep these poor girls up ‘til they’re almost ready to die.
They’ll raise up and say, boys . . .

(Mr. Sutterfield: “Shoot. Messed it up.”
Dr. Wolf: “Well, just pick it up. I’ll rub this out.”)

They’ll raise up and say, “Boys, I wish you’d go ‘way.”
“Before I’ll go ‘way, I’ll go lie in your barn.”
Like some false-hearted lover all puffed up in scorn.

They’ll rise up next morning. They’ll brush off the straw.
They’ll saddle up their horses, and away they will ride,
Like some false-hearted lover, all puffed up in pride.

They’ll come home and they’ll stagger and they’ll reel.
Oh, God bless these poor girls, how bad I do feel.

I wish I were single; I’d court none at all.
I’d keep bachelor’s hall; for a desire it is the best.
No wife to scold, and no children to squall.
Let a man be drunk or sober, he’s always at rest.

All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

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