Sung by: Berry Sutterfield
Recorded in Big Flat, AR 8/29/58

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Come, all you young and jolly lads,
And listen to my song.
I'll tell you of some troubles, boys,
Which happened unto me.
I tried to rob some folks
And get away the laws,
But I made time by traveling
Through the swamps of Arkansas.

I saw a horse a-standing hitched,
Belonged to Sheriff White.
I rushed on to mount that horse,
Which I knew I'd have to fight.
I give that sheriff one terrible blow,
Which bore him to the walls,
And I left that horse at Freeman's door,
Greene County, Arkansas.

I traveled o'er hills and mountains,
Through valleys and slews (sloughs).
Oft thinly were my clothing,
And holey were my shoes.
I popped the spurs to my horse,
And I made him scratch and paw.
He carried me like the devil
Through the swamps of Arkansas.

Oh, I were overtaken, boys,
And captured at last.
They were soon disarming me,
And telling me to hush my jaw.
They'd soon have me in Gainesville jail,
Greene County, Arkansas.

Oh, here I am, all shackled and chained,
Bound down in county jail,
To lie here 'til the term of court,
And through a course of laws,
Be sent down to Little Rock,
On the banks of Arkansas.

If I were only clear of this
And had the money, boys,
I would buy that chestnut sorrel
That stood me such as race.
I'd tie a ribbon around his neck,
And pull him on the cars;
He'd ne'er be seen on Crowley's Ridge,
Greene County, Arkansas.

Oh, here goes for the finishing touch.
I expect I've said enough.
Drink luck to you, drink luck to me,
As you step up to the bars,
And wish me a short sentence, boys,
In the prisons of Arkansas.

Also found in Randolph, Vol. II, #162, "Harrison Town."

All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

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