Sung by: Dorothy Stewart
Recorded in Banner, AR 8/27/63

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Only a rosebud, cherished with regret,
Given to me by one I can’t forget.
I begged it of her, for I loved her so,
When we were happy in the long ago.

Chorus: Only a rosebud that she wore in her hair,
Only a rosebud, nothing more.
Poor faded flower that she left in my care,
Only a rose worn in her hair.

Here in the garden, by the little gate,
Oft for my coming did she watch and wait.
While stars shone tranquil in the heavens blue,
We told our vows and promised to be true.


Ofttimes I fancy, at the close of day,
That she is waiting by the garden way.
Still in my memory, her sweet face I see,
Smiling as when she gave that rose to me.


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