Sung by: Dorothy Stuart
Recorded in Banner, AR 8/27/63

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“Dermont, you look so healthy now.
Your dress is neat and clean.
I never see you drink about;
Pray, tell me where you’ve been.

“Your wife and children, are they well?
You once did treat them strange.
Say, have you kinder to them grew?
How came this happy change?”

“It was a warning dream.
‘Twas sent from Heaven unto me
To take me from a drunkard’s curse,
From woe and misery.

“I dreamed I’d staggered home once more;
I saw a solemn gloom.
I missed my wife--where could she be?
And strangers in the room.

“I saw my children weeping ‘round,
Then scarcely drew a breath.
I gazed upon her lifeless form,
As ever still as death.

“’Oh, Papa, come and wake her up.
These people say she’s dead.
Oh, make her smile on us once more;
We’ll never cry for bread.’

“’Oh, Nellie, Nellie, speak to me;
I’ll never give you pain.
I’ll never grieve your loving heart;
I’ll never get drunk again.

“’Oh, Nellie, speak one word to me.’
‘And so I do,’ she cried.
When I awoke, my Nellie dear
Was kneeling by my side.

“I drew her to my throbbing heart,
While joyful tears did stream,
And since that day, may Heaven be blessed
For sending me that dream.”

Also found in Randolph, Vol. II, #307; Brown, Vol. III, #22; Belden, p. 469.

All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

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