Sung by: Uncle Bob Stark
Recorded in Miller, AR, 7/16/53

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Down in Alabam there's a sly old possum,
And he lives in the sycamore tree.
He was an old nigger called Rufus the blossom,
Black as a nigger could be.
Rufus had a head like a big sledgehammer,
And eyes like a morning star,
And there wasn't nary a nigger in ole Alabam
That could beat him on his old guitar.

Chorus: Oh, you'll have to choose him,
You cannot 'fuse him;
He's a great musicianeer
Of a high position.

Oh, when Rufus goes to the balls and the parties,
Oh, he goes, rain or shine.
When he gets there, oh, this is what he hollers:
"Bring out the chicken and wine!"
The wine is drank, and the chicken is eat,
And he whistles a tune so grand
That it's nobody but a whistling Rufus,
But they call him the one-man band.


(Comment by Mr. Stark: "That's all of it.")

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