Sung by: Mrs. Myron Scruggs
Recorded in Memphis, TN 12/13/62

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As I was leaving Ireland
In the merry month of June,
The birds were singing gaily,
And all nature seemed in tune.
An Irish girl approached me
With sad tears in her eyes,
And as she said these words to me,
How bitterly she cried.

Chorus: "It's three leaves of shamrock,
The Irishman's shamrock,
From your darling sister,
And her blessings, too, she sends.
Take these to my brother,
Who's far across the sea,
And don't forget to tell him,
Sir, that they were sent by me.

"Tell him since he left us
How bitter was our lot.
The landlord came one winter's day
And turned us out our cot.
Our sorrows, they were many,
Our friends were very few,
Our mother dear soon passed away,
And now I've only you."


All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

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