Sung by: Mrs. Sherman Rutherford
Recorded in Batesville, AR 9/1/58

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Two drummers, they were seated
In a grand hotel one day.
While dining, they were chatting
In a jovial sort of way.
In came a pretty waitress
To bring a tray of food.
They spoke to her familiarly
In a manner rather rude.

At first she did not notice,
Nor make the least reply,
But one remark was made to her
Brought teardrops to her eyes.
She turned on her tormentors,
Her cheeks was flushing red.
Approaching as a picture,
This is what she said:

Chorus: "My mother was a lady,
And yours you would allow.
You may have a sister
Who needs protection now.
I came to this great city
To find my brother dear,
You would not dare insult me, sir,
If brother Jack was here."

The two set there in silence,
Their heads bowed down in shame.
"Forgive us, miss, we meant no harm;
Pray tell me, what's your name?"
She told him, and he cried aloud,
"I know your brother, too.
We've been friends for many, many years,
And he often speaks of you.

"Come and go with me when I go back,
And if you'll only wed,
I'll take you to him as my bride,
For I love you since you said:


All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

The John Quincy Wolf Folklore Collection
Lyon College, Batesville, Arkansas
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