Sung by: Almeda Riddle
Recorded on 5/10/62

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(Mrs. Riddle: "Now, this is either from 'Pilgrim's Progress'-- was written before--or else 'Pilgrim's Progress was written from this one. I don't know, but I think this ties in with this old book, somehow."
Dr. Wolf: "While she's getting her pitch there, let me tell you that Mrs. Riddle's father was a singing school teacher and a very good musician. That's certainly one reason she knows so many songs. Then her grandfather and grandmother on her mother's side were both musical, and she learned a good many from them.")

I saw a wayworn traveler
In tattered garments clad.
He traveled up a mountain;
It seemed that he was sad.
His back so heavy laden,
His strength was almost gone.
Yet he shouted while he journeyed,
"Deliverance will come.
Then palms of victory,
Crowns of glory,
Palms of victory
I shall bear."

The summer sun was shining;
Sweat stood out on his brow.
His garments worn and dusty,
His steps so very slow,
But he kept struggling onward
Toward a shining dome,
Still shouting while he journeyed,
"Deliverance will come."

(Comment by Mrs. Riddle: "Now we'll skip two or three if the time's out and sing the last two.")

Then I saw him in last evening;
The sun was sinking low.
He'd overtopped the mountain
And reached the vale below.
He saw the shining city,
His everlasting home,
And he shouted loud, "Oh, glory,
Deliverance will come."

Then he stood beside death's river,
That foaming, dashing crest
That runs between the pilgrim
And everlasting rest,
And while he stood there gazing
Upon the raging flood,
A band of holy angels
Came from the throne of God.

They bore him on their pinions
Safe o'er the raging foam,
Then joined him in his chorus:
"Deliverance will come."

Also found in Randolph, Vol. IV, #626, "Palms of Victory."

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