Sung by: Almeda Riddle
Recorded in Miller, AR 9/5/61

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Once I had a sweetheart,
And he was good and true.
His hair was dark and curly,
His darling eyes were blue,

But he, like all other boys,
Had his friends and chums,
And off together they would go
For pleasure and for fun.

They over-persuaded my sweetheart,
I never knew what for.
They over-persuaded my darling
For the French and German war.

When he came to say goodbye,
My heart, it almost broke.
He put his arms around me,
Said, “Darling, I must go,”

And he kept that promise, too.
The very last words he ever wrote,
“I’ll soon be home to you.”

He told me that he loved me.
He’d proved that it was so.
He’d often came to see me
When the sun was sinking low,

And he promised that he’d write to me,
And kept that promise, too.
The very last words he ever wrote:
“I’ll soon be home with you.

“This war will soon be over.
The end is just ahead,”
But before these words I ever read,
My darling boy was dead.

Over there on France's bloody ground,
He met his awful doom.
A German soldier fired the shot
That sent him to his tomb,

And when he called for his friends,
They could not be found,
For they went fighting, fighting on--
Left him dying on the ground.

I’ll always wear this little ring;
I’ll keep his letters, too,
And ever will I live a single life
For the boy who died so true.

Also found in Randolph, 1st ed., Vol. IV, #796; Brown, Vol. II, #140.

All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

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