Played by: Charlie Richmond
Recorded in Mountain View, AR Sept. 1964

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Jimmy Driftwood: "Well, we've got some more dance music coming here, if Charlie Richmond'll come out here with his fiddle. Charlie won the fiddling contest over in Leslie not long ago. Here we come. Charlie Richmond playing the fiddle. He just plays about everything, Charlie does. Charlie's a leader in this. You playing that same fiddle, I guess, you played over at Leslie when you won the fiddler's contest?"
Charlie Richmond: "The neck come off of it."
Driftwood: "Oh, you played the neck off of that one?"
Richmond: "Yeah."
Driftwood: "I've heard a fella play all the hair out of a bow, but I never heard of a man playing the neck of a fiddle off before. I guess it can be done."

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