Sung by: Julie Powell
Recorded in Fox, AR, 7/18/53

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I used to live in Export town;
I used to live and dwell.
I used to live in Export town;
I owned a flour mill.

There lived a girl, an Export girl,
With dark and roving eye.
I asked her if she'd marry me,
And me she wouldn't deny.

I called at her sister's house
At eight o'clock one night,
Her sister knowing not who I be;
She thought I was a spy.

I said, "My love, let's take a walk
And view the meadows gay,
That we might have a sociable chat
And plan our wedding day."

We walked along, we talked along
'Til we came to level ground.
I picked up a hedgewood club
And knocked this fair girl down.

She fell upon her bended knees,
"For mercy's sake!" she cried,
"Oh, Willie dear, don't murder me here.
I'm not prepared to die."

I heeded not a word she said,
But I beat her more and more,
Until the ground all around
Was in a bloody gore.

I picked her up by her long yellow hair,
And I swung her 'round and 'round.
I carried her down to the deep riverside,
And I threw her in to drown.

(??: "Wait a minute. Well, what is this?"
Dr. Wolf: "That's the recorder. That's the thing that takes it down." [Laughs]
??: "That's the thing, what do you, where do you, list--oh, yes, this is the talk-through."
Dr. Wolf: "Yeah, you're talking into that right now."
??: "Sure enough! . . . That's the . . . Wait a minute."
Dr. Wolf: " . . . Yeah, yeah, that's all right. Just go right ahead.")

Also found in Randolph, Vol. II, #150, "The Noel Girl"; Brown, Vol. II, #65, "The Lexington Murder"; Belden, p. 133, "The Oxford Girl."

All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

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