Sung by: Mrs. Alfred Overholzer
Recorded in Lewisburg, TN 5/6/62

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(Comment by Mrs. Overholzer: "This is the only other one I know, and I don't know all of it.")

When I left the state of Georgia,
Indiana I did go.
Fell in love with an old man's daughter,
'Tween sixteen and twenty-four.
Her hair was of a brownish color;
Her cheeks were all a rosy red.
Eyes as bright as the skies above me,
That's the girl that I love best.

Her mother said she was not willing,
Her father said it would not do,
But, kind miss, if you are willing,
I'll run away and marry you.
Run away to Mississippi;
For your sake I would die,
Die of a broken heart
Like some lonesome sailor boy.

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