Sung by: Mrs. W.N. Osborne and
Mrs. Rhoda Coleman
Recorded in Cord, AR, 8/21/57

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Why turn away when I draw near?
Why cold today? Once I was dear,
And thy heart turned, and flushed thy brow.
Never a word welcomes me now;
Now thy hand lies listless in mine.
Once it replied, spake love divine.
Cold as if we never had met;
Can it then be hearts can forget?

Chorus: Ah, speak to me, speak, be my heart heard,
Or it will break for one kind word.
No vow to bind--no pledge I seek--
Only be kind, speak to me, speak.

One idle day thou didst deplore
Some castaway on desert shore.
'Twas but a tale by poet famed,
Yet thou didst pale, silence, and pain,
And thou didst moan, sad, sad to be
Utterly lone by the bleak sea.
My life is drear, I cast away;
Give me the tear thou sheddest that day.


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