Sung by: Neal Morris
Recorded in Mountain View, AR 9/2/61

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There’s a cozy little cottage
Where the morning glories clamber.
The ivy vine’s a-creeping around the door,
Where the fairest flowers are springing,
And the sweet wild birds are singing.
She whispers, “I will love none else but you,”

Chorus: And her smile is sweet and tender
As the moonlight on the sea.
Her brown eyes softly beaming,
They’re filled with love for me,
And my happy heart is beating
While the rosy hours are fleeting,
As I sit beside my darling Zelma Lee.

(Comment by Mr. Morris, "Now play that back. Cut it off.")

Like a winsome little fairy,
With her step so light and merry,
‘Round the cottage she is flitting all the day,
And the music of her singing,
Like the wild bird notes are ringing.
It echoes through the woodland far away.


When the nightly dew is falling,
And the mockingbird is calling,
We often stroll together on the shore,
Where the silver waters glisten,
And the wavelets seems to listen
To our vows so oft repeated o’er and o’er,
And my darling softly tells me,
In her sweet and winning tone,
With summer I will claim her
Forever as my own,
And I whisper that I love her,
While the moonbeams seem to hover,
Like a blessing on our pathway falling down.


All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

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