Sung by: Neal Morris
Recorded in Mountain View, AR 8/20/59

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Well, I had a dream the other night.
I dreamed that I could fly.
Flapped my wings like an eagle,
And I flew up to the sky.

At the gate I met Master Gabriel,
And he looked at me so keen.
He asked me what I'd have to eat,
And I told him turnip greens.

Master Gabriel also asked me
From what country did I fly,
And I told him from the Ozarks
That I flew up to the sky.

He wondered why the men down there
Were rough and yet so clean.
Well, I said, "Why, Mister Gabriel,
It's them good old turnip greens."

Turnip greens, turnip greens,
Good old turnip greens.
Corn bread and buttermilk,
And good old turnip greens.

Master Gabriel brought some angel food
On a great big silvery bowl.
He said, "If you will eat this,
It will rest your weary soul."

Well, it didn't taste like taters,
And it didn't taste like beans.
It didn't have the flavor of
Them good old turnip greens.

Master Gabriel said, "Young man, I see
That you're not satisfied.
You'd rather be down yonder
On some Ozark mountainside.

"So I'll tell to you the story of
The country of your birth.
The Lord's getting ready for
His kingdom on the earth.

"Tomorrow we'll be moving
To that great land of the free.
That band you hear a-playing
Is the Ozark Jubilee."

Also found in Randolph, first ed., Vol. II, p. 370.

All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

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