Sung by: Neal Morris
Recorded in Timbo, AR 7/18/59

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Always chaw your own tobacco,
Never borrow, lend, or steal,
And always eat your hoecake
Of Indian corn meal.
Always treat the ladies kindly,
Never kiss them on the sly.
Pig, pig, little pig,
Root hog, or die.

Chorus: Sing anything, sing anything,
That's what the people say.
A long song, a short song,
To pass the time away.
A love song, a comic song,
Or play me something, sing,
Sing something, sing something, you,
Oh, yes, sing anything.

Well, a man in Indiana,
Just a hundred years ago,
Little boy in North Dakota,
Had a rooster and he couldn't crow.
And a girl in Minnesota
Had icicles on her nose,
And they say that Grover Cleveland
Had bunions on his toes.


Well, a kitty in the garden
A-chasing bumblebees,
And Nero on the woodpile
With two big stubborn fleas.
A hornet on the grindstone
A-whetting up his sting.
Here am I, breaking my jaws,
A-singing anything.


All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

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