Sung by: Neal Morris
Recorded in Mountain View, AR 9/2/61

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Oh, I long to lie, dear Mother,
In the cool and fragrant grass,
With the calm blue skies above my head,
And the shadowy clouds that pass,
And I want the bright, bright sunshine
All ‘round about my bed,
And I’ll close my eyes and God will think
Your little boy is dead.

Then Christ will send an angel
To take me up to Him.
He will bear me slow and steadily
Up through the ether dim,
And he’ll gently, gently lay me
Close by my savior’s side,
And when I’m sure that I’m in Heaven,
My eyes will open wide.

Then I’ll look among the angels
That stand around the throne.
‘Til I find my sister Mary,
For I know she must be one,
And I’ll put my arms around her,
And we’ll go away alone,
And I’ll tell her how we’ve mourned for her,
All the while that she’s been gone.

Then Christ will send an angel
To bring me back to you.
He will bear me slow and steadily,
Down through the ether blue,
And when I’m back, dear Mother,
I’ll tell you all I know.
I will tell you what I said to her,
And all her sweet replies.

(Comment by Mr. Morris: “Play that one back and see how it sounds. It’s a little too low.”)

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