Sung by: Neal Morris
Recorded in Timbo, AR 7/18/59

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One evening, getting dark,
She was . . . in the park,
Sitting on a platform all alone.
I lifted up my hat,
And we both began to chat.
She said that I could see her at her home.

Chorus: Such a form you never seen,
She's as pretty as a queen,
She's as perfect as an angel from above.
I'd be happy all my life,
If she'd only be my wife.
She's that aggravating beauty, Eula Wall.

If I could only call her mine,
I would build a house so fine,
And all around it I would build a fence so tall.
It might be jealousy,
But no one else but me
Could gaze upon that beauty, Eula Wall.


One evening, getting late,
I met her at the gate.
I asked her if she'd wed me in the fall.
She only turned away,
And nothing would she say.
She's that aggravating beauty, Eula Wall.


Also found in Randolph, Vol. III, #383, "Lula Walls."

All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

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