Sung by: Neal Morris
Recorded in Mountain View, AR 9/9/61

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My name, ‘tis Floyd Eddings.
I’m the son of old Doc.
It is true, he disowned me,
But I’m one of his flock.

I was needing some money,
And work was so low,
That off to old Charleston
A-robbing I go.

They come and handcuffed me
And took me to jail.
No one to befriend me,
Or go on my bail.

Well, they sent for my father,
And I thought it was well,
But he never come a-nigh me,
And I wish he was in ----.

(Mr. Morris: “I’m gonna leave it that way, ‘cause that’s really the way it went.”)

Well, the jury found me guilty,
And the judge wrote it down,
And off to Green Forest
To the jail I was bound.

Well, the jail caught on fire,
And I hallooed for help,
But they never come a-nigh me,
And I laid there and wept.

Well, I wrapped up in my blankets
And I threw myself down,
But they never come anigh me
‘Til the jailhouse burnt down.

All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

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