Sung by: Seth Mize
Recorded in Mountain View, AR by George Fisher

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(Mr. Fisher: “This is George Fisher, and in my home is Mr. and Mrs. Seth Mize from Mountain View. Where were you born, Mr. Mize?”
Mr. Mize: “I was borned in Searcy County.”
Mr. Fisher: “Searcy County . . .”
Mr. Mize: “Near Marshall.”
Mr. Fisher: “Born and raised there?”
Mr. Mize: “Um hm.”
Mr. Fisher: “You’ve sung songs and wrote songs all your life.”
Mr. Mize: “I’ve been writing . . . I wrote songs when I was about 18 or 19 year old.”
Mr. Fisher: “Um hm. He plays the fiddle, and does a number of things, and we want to get him on tape today. Let’s see. First, I think, he’s gonna sing us a song, aren’t you?”
Mr. Mize: “Yeah, I’ll sing a sacred song.”
Mr. Fisher: “A sacred song. Did you write the song, or . . .”
Mr. Mize: “Yes.”
Mr. Fisher: “You wrote the song.”
Mr. Mize: “Yeah, I wrote the song. I’ll sing two of ‘em. I wrote both of ‘em. Then I wrote some other songs that I’ll sing.”
Mr. Fisher: “All right. Sing the two sacred songs, then.”)

I have read the Bible,
And it's everything I find
Goes to show that we are living
Right up at the end of time.

Now they’re building houses,
And they’re running to and fro.
That is what the Savior said they’d do
Two thousand years ago.

Oh, just go right on, my brother;
Makes no difference what they say,
For the Lord is getting ready
To call us to that judgment day.

If we hear the Lord a-calling,
Every man by his name,
It would be a joyful morning
If . . . Satan's game.

Here on earth we have a . . .
And they all have a name,
But when we get to Heaven,
We will not be judged by name.

We’ll be judged by the righteous,
For He sent His only son;
He will judge all the people
By the deeds they have done.

Some will go to church on Sunday;
They will shout and praise his name.
When . . .
God can see their awful shame.

They will talk about their neighbors,
And their friends all the same,
But I find it in my Bible,
. . . Savior’s name.

And the judges have confusion
What the . . .
But they’ll find it in their bible
That the Lord will not be there.

If we all go to church
In the good Lord’s name,
We will all be . . .
And the . . . be the same.

When I get to the judgment
And hear him call my name,
I . . . righteous,
And . . .

All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

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Lyon College, Batesville, Arkansas
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