Sung by: Seth Mize
Recorded in Mountain View, AR by George Fisher

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There’s a jolly . . . soldier;
He . . . chance
. . . something,
Before he goes to France
I'm just from the Ozarks,
Missouri guy, you know,
Boys had to be there
Long, long ago.

I remember that we . . .
And when that . . .
A-roaming the hills of North Fork,
And a-having lots of fun.
But now we’re in the army,
We have a different plan,
A-drilling and a-hiking
To make a soldier man.

We drilled . . . about nine months,
And it was . . . you know.
They say we’re going to Europe
To pay the debt we owe.
We’ll do that fighting up in style;
We’ll do it with good will.
I’ll make that crown prince hard to catch
. . . to the Kaiser Bill.

We’s on the ocean thirteen days,
All lonesome, sick and tired.
When we crossed the English Channel,
We took it just as hard,
But when the militia landed,
The English was amazed;
They said we’d done won the war,
And the U.S. gets the praise (?).

Went to see a French mademoiselle
One cold and rainy day,
A-looking for old Uncle Sam
To call me away.
. . . good old time,
. . . how soon they’d be
Get out from here, you American . . .

You may call me American guy,
And I think I am all right.
I’m just across from the U.S.A.,
And I come across to fight.
Drink your wines, your cognacs,
And all your champagne, too,
And when I heared the bugle call,
I bid that girl adieu.

I used to be a gay lad,
Before I left my home,
But here I am in Europe,
Dressed in my uniform.
A-going back to the U.S.A.,
I'm going to see them all.
I’m going back to the U.S.A.
When the war is over this fall.

That dirty night, the soldier
Went out to stand his guard,
And German boys were coming,
And fighting awful hard.
Well, the Germans . . . down,
And down . . .
And he won’t return to the U.S.A.
When the war is over this fall.

They picked him up so kindly,
And they carried him to his bed,
. . . looking at the soldier,
And a-thinking he was dead.
He said . . . mistaken,
And he heared my master’s call.
I only . . .
When the war is over this fall.

I went on to that sandhill
It was the only . . . town.
A German plane came over,
And the bombs were dropping down.
There was a bunch of Missouri boys,
. . . simplify the . . .
And that was the first thing
We got from the Kaiser Bill.

Oh, we’re in a struggle
. . . but little chance,
. . . making music,
. . . dance.
The German wears the navy blue,
And the American wore the brown.
I’ll take that Kaiser from the throne,
Let Wilson wear the crown.

There was a bunch of the boys
That did not have to go.
There's a lot about this army life,
I'm sure they do not know.
Some that claimed exemptions
All others would complain,
I’d rather be . . .
. . . slacker's name

Some may call me slacker,
But I think not all right,
I'm fighting for the U.S.A.
Was my great delight.
. . . flag . . . glory
It stands for the debt we pay
. . . again
. . . in the U.S.A.

All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

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Lyon College, Batesville, Arkansas
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