Sung by: Seth Mize
Recorded in Mountain View, AR by George Fisher

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(Mr. Fisher: “’It Was in the Year of ’83.’ What about . . . What’s this song about?”
Mr. Mize: “Well, I wrote this song from a couple of boys, ‘cause they’re supposed to went to New Mexico, made a cowboy. And I picked this up by that.”)

It was in the year of ’83,
I made up my mind to go
With Jackie Horne and Grady . . .
Down into Mexico.

We rode three weeks on a lonesome trail
On the way to Mexico.
I met a man by the name of . . .
In a town they called . . . Spring.

We . . . to the man named . . .
. . . and rode them . . .
We asked the man, what would he pay.
Said, “Chow and one dollar a day.”

We rode through the heat and the burning sand,
On the hot and sturdy range.
We rode two months without any pay,
Just chow and that was all.

We rode two months . . .
We asked the man . . . pay,
And this is what he did say:
“Young man, I know . . .
But I am bad bankrupt.”

Bankrupt . . . cowboys,
. . . was not . . .
. . . that I was born to be . . .
Down in New Mexico.

Back home to wives and sweethearts, too,
Tell others not to go.
We’re . . . tonight on . . .
Down in New Mexico.

All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

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