Sung by: Emma Puterbaugh Medlin
Recorded on 5/6/62

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(Comment by Mrs. Medlin: "Well, this is Emma Puterbaugh Medlin. My mother was Kate Knight Puterbaugh. My father was George Puterbaugh, and we were born in Indiana. My mother was born in '61; my father was born in '54. And these songs that I'm going to sing, these songs that my mother sang all her life to we children. We never had any way to record them, but I have wished that they could be for the public to hear.")

My love is but a shepherd lad,
And a shepherdess am I.
From morn 'til night we'll watch our flocks
Beneath the bright blue sky.
There's nothing troubles me, although
My fortune soon is told,
For Colin's poor in worldly wealth,
But just as good as gold.

Chorus: He's just as good as gold, he is.
He's just as good as gold,
And I can see he's fond of me,
For he's as good as gold.

His coat is somewhat worse for wear,
And is not trimmed in lace.
His hat would scarcely do for some
More fashionable place.
But what care I, although he wears
A faded suit so old.
His heart is in its proper place,
And just as good as gold.

We're going to build a little house
And make our garden gay.
Directly Colin's ship comes home;
He says it's on the way.
Although 'twill be a little place,
'Twill keep out rain and cold.
To me 'twill be a palace grand,
With him as good as gold.


He's going to take me to the church
Some happy day in spring,
When the hedges all are white with bloom,
And the village bells will ring.
Their songs will linger in our ears
When we have both grown old,
But think how happy we will be,
For he's as good as gold.


All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

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