Sung by: Orville McInturff
Recorded in Marshall, AR 8/6/62

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(Comment by Mr. McInturff: "This song is an old song somewhat on the order of John Bunyan's writings, if I can just . . . If I can just . . . Give me a moment to think, just a moment to get started on it.")

I saw a blood-washed traveler,
In garments white as snow,
While traveling through the highway
Where heavenly breezes blow.

I saw him in the conflict,
When all around was strife,
And wicked men and devils
Convened to take his life.

I saw him cast in prison,
A dungeon dark as night,
And yet I heard him shouting:
"The burden is so light."

Chorus: Then palms of victory,
Crowns of glory,
Palms of victory
I shall bear.

I saw him taken from prison,
And chained unto the stake,
And yet I heard his shouting:
"It's all for Jesus' sake."


I saw the flame when kindled;
The blaze was burning bright,
And yet I heard him shouting,
"The burden is so light."


I saw his soul departing;
It seemed the veil was rent,
And I could see the angels
Which Jesus Christ had sent.

They bore him to the Savior,
The ever-blessed one,
The brightest star in glory,
And Jesus said, "Well done."


(Comment by Mr. McInturff: "Now, the modern song of the 'Palms of Victory' is just a little bit of a . . . It takes just a little bit of that in, but the chorus is a little different: 'Palms of victory I shall bear.' It's just a little different.")

Also found in Randolph, Vol. IV, #626, "Palms of Victory."

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