Sung by: Orville McInturff
Recorded in Marshall, AR 8/6/62

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Went downtown a-feeling sort of funny;
Picked up a pocketbook stuffed full of money.
Police cried, "Drop them, sonny."
Told them not to grieve after me.

Went to the hotel to stay all night;
Charged me half a dollar, and I said, "All right."
Gave them a dollar bill, and they gave me back eight.
Told them not to grieve after me.

(Comment by Mr. McInturff: "Now, as I told you, this song was an old, old song that was handed down by word of mouth. And I don't know the rest of it, but it had to do with . . . This fellow just kept a-getting everything his way. Everything he'd do, why, it'd turn out to his benefit, and he'd say, 'Don't you grieve after me.'")

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