Sung by: Orville McInturff
Recorded in Marshall, AR 8/6/62

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Oh, this cat, he was a terror,
And they thought it was a-best
To give him to a nigger
Who was going way out west.
The train was going 'round the curve;
It struck a broken rail;
Not a single passenger was left to tell the tale.

Chorus: But the cat come back,
'Cause he wouldn't stay no longer;
The cat come back.

Along come a little boy,
And with a dollar note
Send him down the river in his little oaken boat.
Tied a brick around his neck;
It weighed about a pound,
They grabbed him in the river
For the little boy was drowned.


Along come a man
Going up in a balloon.
Told him to present him
To the man in the moon.
The balloon got busted,
So the paper said.
Six or seven miles away, they picked the man up dead.


Also found in Randolph, Vol. III, #444, "The Cat Came Back."

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