Sung by: Orville McInturff
Recorded in Marshall, AR 8/6/62

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(Mr. McInturff: "This is Orville McInturff, trying to sing some of the old songs that our fathers manufactured in these hills. They were so far away from publishing houses, and if they were close, they didn't have the money to buy the books, so they developed songs of their own. And these songs have never been published that I'm going to sing for you, if I can remember them. And the first one, I think, is one of the most beautiful.")

Father, there's a home, home, home.
Father, there's a home sweet home.
Father, there's a home sweet home;
Lord, I want to join the angel, beautiful home.

Chorus: Beautiful home, home, home.
Beautiful home sweet home.
Beautiful home sweet home,
Lord, I want to join the angel, beautiful home.

Mother, there's a home, home, home.
Mother, there's a home sweet home.
Mother, there's a home sweet home;
Lord, I want to join the angel, beautiful home.


(Mr. McInturff: "Now, these songs were all extended to father, mother, sister, brother, sinner, and so forth, so that they could carry on the shouting and not be shorted or shortchanged while they were emotionally elated. So, in other words, they were somewhat on the order of round songs. Nearly all of them are based on father, mother, sister, brother and sinner and Christian and so forth and so on. And so there'd be other verses to that song, so from here on I'll just sing a verse or two, and you can tell what the others would be.
      "Of course, I learned most of these songs from my mother. She could sing, really, but a lot of them I learned while I was directing the Baptist choir for 15 or 20 years here, and I would know just a snatch of the song, and I'd say, 'Uncle Poles (?), can you sing the other verse for me?' or Aunt Mary or whoever it might be, and so doing that for over the years, I developed a pretty good repertoire of these old songs. I probably won't be able to remember much of many of them this afternoon, but I do have them in my history book that I'm writing of Searcy County, and sometime maybe you'd be able to find it in a library of Searcy County.")

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