Sung by: A.C. McGouyrk
Recorded in Jamestown, AR 7/29/62

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(Mrs. Peel: "Now start high. 'Talk of the joys of a sweet . . .'"
Mr. McGouyrk: "You sing it a little louder, if you can."
Mrs. Peel: "'You may talk of the joys of a sweet honeymoon.'")

You may talk of the joys of a sweet honeymoon--
I'll agree they're nice while they last--
But in 'most every case, they're over too soon,
And counted a thing of the past.

He must walk . . .
He must walk, he must talk, he must . . . , he must sing,
He must run for the water and fan,
He must bounce and leap and do without sleep,
If he's a poor married man.

. . . mother-in-law, he gets nothing but jaw
No matter how hard he may try
To keep her in trim. She'll light onto him,
And all of his wishes defy.

He's a fool, he's a brute, he never can suit,
Though he does just the best that he can.
He'd better be dead, and then it can be said,
"He's at rest, the poor married man."

Also found in Brown, Vol. III, #309.

All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

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