Sung by: Jimmy McGaughy
Recorded in Pine Bluff, AR 11/10/62

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Miss Nancy Brown, she went to town,
Her basket by her side,
All filled with mud pies neat and round,
Which in the sun she dried.

She wandered up and wandered down,
And tried to sell her pies,
But met with no success,
To her intense surprise.

Miss Nancy Brown, she left the town,
And took away her pies,
And on the ground she threw them down,
Which showed that she was wise.

(Mr. McGaughy: "That song was sung by my mother, who was born in 1872, and she got it out of her old Mother Goose books. She called it a Father Goose book that she had never seen since she was a young woman."
Dr. Wolf: "Where did she live?"
Mr. McGaughy: "In Pine Bluff. She lived in Pine Bluff."
Dr. Wolf: "And her parents lived in Pine Bluff, too?"
Mr. McGaughy: "Yes, her parents lived here, too.")

All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

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