Sung by: Gus Mahon
Recorded in Heber Springs, AR 8/22/62

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Well, some go to meeting for to laugh and talk,
Some go to meeting for to laugh and talk,
But I go there for that Christian walk.

Chorus: Hey, Gabriel, blow in a that morn,
In that morning,
Yes, in that morning.
Blow, Gabriel, blow in a that morning.

Joshua being that son of man,
Joshua stood on the solid rock;
Joshua blowed that crooked horn.
He knocked at the door, and the door flew open.
He called for the clerk, and the rock come broken.


Well, some go to meeting for to dress so fine,
Some go to meeting for to dress so fine.
Well, they ain't got Jesus in their mind.


'Round and around that city wall,
'Round and around that city wall,
I think I heard one of the angels call.


(Dr. Wolf: "Where'd you learn that one?"
Mr. Mahon: "I learnt that from a . . . I lived in Mississippi until I was about 11, 12 years old, and I learnt that in Mississippi from an old slave nigger. That old woman's head was just as white as a bunch of cotton, and she'd set there and sing to us kids, you know. Yes, she had all kinds of things she'd sing. 'Climb Up Jacob's Ladder' and everything. I wasn't but about six, seven years old, and I can remember all of that, at that time. But now I can't remember nothing. This fellow could write his name down, and I couldn't tell the fellow's name 'til I've got, if I saw him a hundred times. Can't, can't remember nothing. I . . . got two fellows here that could remember . . . these two fellows back here."
??: "Yeah, and if you catch a buffalo fish you won't forget it.")

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