Sung by: Mrs. Virgil Lane

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To meeting, to meeting,
To meeting we'll go,
To meet with Sir William,
That young man I know.
To meet him is pleasure,
But the parting is grief.
All young handsome . . .
Is worse than a thief.
A thief can but rob you
And bring you down low.

(Mrs. Lane: "I'll get it in a few days, and I'll . . .
      . . . And uh, the Civil War caused him to have to quit school."
Dr. Wolf: "Mrs. Virgil Lane sang the two songs that have just been recorded. Her father was Benjamin Franklin Abbott. She calls him the 'Obstetrician of the Mountains.' He lived . . . Did he live north of Batesville there?"
Mrs. Lane: "No, no."
Dr. Wolf: "He never did live there?"
Mrs. Lane: "Fifty miles north of Batesville and three miles from Melbourne, which was the county seat."
Dr. Wolf: "I see. He spent his life up there, did he?"
Mrs. Lane: "No, no. Six years."
Dr. Wolf: "Oh, six years."
Mrs. Lane: "Uh huh. And uh, he had to . . . He left out there so that his children could have some education. And my mother regained her health; that's why she wanted to go. And her sister had gone. But her sisters stayed, and they just became hillbillies. No, they weren't, either. They were strong-willed women, really."
Dr. Wolf: "Well, I'm curious to know what became of your cousins."
Mrs. Lane: "I don't even know whether they're alive or not. I went to a little . . ."
Dr. Wolf: "Do you know their married names?"
Mrs. Lane: "No."
Dr. Wolf: "Well, do you know their maiden names?"
Mrs. Lane: "Lilly and Gilly."
Dr. Wolf: "They twins?"
Mrs. Lane: "No. They just liked euphemy."
Dr. Wolf: "Uh huh."
Mrs. Lane: "Do you know, people don't know how they sound when they talk?"
Dr. Wolf: "No, they don't. That's right."
Mrs. Lane: "I have a sister 83 years old, and she spent six months with me just recently, and she is so much like me, or I'm so much like her. I would say if I hadn't known, the tones of my voice is just like hers, and I didn't realize it."
Dr. Wolf: "No, we never hear ourselves."
Mrs. Lane: "I wish I . . . Sometimes I can sing this just like a hillbilly does."
Dr. Wolf: "You sang it very well. I'm sorry my machine broke down."
Mrs. Lane: Do you want me to put it in a higher . . ."
Dr. Wolf: "No, that's fine.")

All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

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