Sung by: Mrs. Virgil Lane

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(Dr. Wolf: "Well, you just sing it any way you want to. It doesn't matter."
Mrs. Lane: "These girls, they were awfully . . . Oh, but they were fine girls."
Dr. Wolf: "Well, just start it up."
Mrs. Lane: "You want me to sing it loud or low?"
Dr. Wolf: "Just sing it as you want to."
Mrs. Lane: "Now let me . . . I have no idea . . . Oh, I was up in Gatlinburg one year, and I was sitting on the porch with Louise Mercer and her sister, and she had one or two other guests there, and I just burst out and sang this song. And they just almost fell off of the porch. Let's see . . . Pretty Molly, pretty Molly . . . Now, let me get a good tone; I just don't know . . .")

Pretty Molly, pretty Molly,
Come go with me.
Pretty Molly, pretty Molly,
Come go with me.
Petty Molly, Pretty Molly,
Come go with me,
Before we get married,
Some friends to see.

They traveled o'er hills
And hollers so deep.
They traveled o'er hills
And hollers . . .

(Mrs. Lane: "It'll come to me in a day or two. Really, it will."
Dr. Wolf: "All right. Let's put down this much and . . .")

Also found in Randolph, Vol. II, #153, "Pretty Polly."

All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

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