Sung by: Norman Kennedy
Recorded in Mountain View, AR 4/16/66

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[Note: This is sung in a sort of Scots dialect, and some words are hard to understand.]

(Comment by Mr. Kennedy: “This is supposed to be a lullaby, you see.”)

Chorus: Hush t’ boo-la, it's I’m your ma,
Hush t’boo-la, my Bobby-o.
Hush t-boo-la, now I’m your ma,
But the de’il can . . . your daddy-o.

When I was no but sweet sixteen,
And beauty scarcely bloomin’-o.
Little, little did I think
That by seventeen I’d be greetin’-o.


If I had been a better lass,
And done my mommy’s biddin’-o,
Far and farther would I have kept
Frae the young lads and the gloamin’-o.


The plough (?) boy . . . the . . .
They’re false and they’re deceivin’-o.
They’ll . . . their horses and their . . .
And keep their lassies waitin’-o.


(Almeda Riddle: "My, I wish I was sixteen years old. I'd follow him all over everywhere. My, what a voice. What a song!"
Mr. Kennedy: “She’s saying to the baby, ‘Hush t’boo-la, I’m your ma, I’m your mommy, but the Devil knows who’s your daddy.’”
Riddle: “I have . . . I have read that in the old collections, but I have never heard it sung before. I think it’s beautiful.”
??: “There’s a record of it.”)

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