Sung by: Norman Kennedy
Recorded in Mountain View, AR 4/1/6/66

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(Kennedy: “Now, this is . . . This is the genuine article.”)

There was a troop of Irish dragoons,
Come marching up . . . five-e-o,
And the captain fell in love
With a very bonny lass,
And her name, they call it pretty Peggy-o.

There’s . . . bonny lass,
And the . . .
And there’s . . . bonny lass and . . .
There’s . . . bonny quine (queen?)
In the town of Aberdeen,
But the . . . five-e-o.

Come down the stairs, pretty Peggy, my dear,
Come down the stairs, pretty Peggy-o.
Come down the stairs, comb out your yellow hair.
Take the last farewell of your Danny-o.

“Oh, how can I come down, bonny laddie,” she cried.
“How can I come down, bonny laddie-o?
How can I come down, and I’m locked into my room,
And a draw well ‘neath my window-o.

But I’ll give ye a ribbon . . . bind up your hair.
I’ll give ye a ring for your finger-o.
I’ll give you silken gowns to wrap you round and round,
If you’ll follow me on my wanderings-o.

Oh, I’ll ne’er be a soldier’s lass;
A soldier will never enjoy me-o.
I never did intend to go to foreign lands.
No, I wouldn’t ne’er marry a soldier-o.

Mount, boys, mount . . . cardinal did cry.
“Tarry--oh, tarry,” cried the captain-o.
“Would you tarry here just another day or two,
‘Til I see if that bonny lass’ll marry-o.”

Now, ‘twas on the Monday morn, and we met down . . .
Oh, but her captain, he was dreary-o,
And the drums, they did beat o’er the bonny braes of . . .
And the band played the bonny . . . of five-e-o.

Now, where . . . we got to the . . .
Oh, captain, we had to carry-o.
And . . . we got to bonny Aberdeen,
Oh, captain, we had to bury-o.

Green grow the becks on bonny . . . side.
Low lie the bonny . . . of five-e-o.
Well, Captain’s name was Ned, and he’s died for a maid.
He’s died for the bonny lass of five-e-o.

(Almeda Riddle: “No, that’s the way it goes. I have a record that George and Jerry Armstrong did, but it isn’t . . .”
??: “Oh, we know them.”
??: “Well, I know and love George and Jerry, but I don’t like . . .”
Mr. Kennedy: “I’ll just sing what comes into my head, you see. Start off with slower dances, Scottisch maybe, and then I’ll finish up with a reel.

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??: “And they dance to that.”)

Also found in Belden, p. 169, “Pretty Peggy O.”

All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

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