Sung by: Alice Isringhouse
Recorded in Holly Grove, AR 6/15/59

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There was a Greencastle maiden--
She was bold, true, and gay--
Who was courted by Scott Jackson,
Whom she fondly did adore.
Yes, she loved him very dearly,
And they both were true and gay,
And she trusted in him fully,
And by him was led astray.

When she told him her sad story,
When he knew it was quite true,
Then he came so undiscouraged
That he knew not what to do.
He went to his friend Warren,
So seek advice and aid,
So they held a conversation,
And the daring plot was made.

In a cab one rainy evening,
At the closing of the day,
Rode Scott Jackson and Al Warren;
They came and took poor Pearl away.
Yes, poor Pearl and all her beauty
Left that city with those men,
And she never thought for one moment
That would be her fatal end.

Yes, those men, they surely killed her,
For it's o'er this wide world o'er,
And they found her body lying
Headless, buried and all alone,
And the story of Pearl Bryan
Has been told in every home.

Also found in Randolph, Vol. II, #138E, "Pearl Bright"; Brown, Vol. II, #250, "Pearl Bryant." [Note: Not same as "Jealous Lover." See Brewster, Ballads & Songs of Indiana, 1940. SFLQ IV, 15-19.]

All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

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