Sung by: Mrs. Alice Isringhouse
Recorded in Holly Grove, AR 6/15/59

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In a little village churchyard,
There I see a grassy mound.
There my mother lies a-sleeping
In the cold and silent ground.
She was sweet and kind and tender,
But oh, those tears I cannot drive away.
Oh, I never can forget her,
For I think of her each day.

Bright the flowers bloom around her,
When the warblers sing their song.
Still I sit so sad and lonely
Since my mother's dead and gone.
I was young, but I remember
That sad day my mother died,
And I set there softly weeping
When she called me to her side.
Then she told me she was going
To where the angels sit upon the throne,
And I know we'll meet in Heaven
When life's troubled race is done.

All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

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