Sung by: Mrs. Alice Isringhouse
Recorded in Holly Grove, AR 6/15/59

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Deep, deep in yonders valley,
Where violets fade and bloom,
There lies my dear Floella,
In a dark and silent tomb.
She died not broken hearted,
Nor lingered from a spell,
But in an instant parting
From a home she loved so well.

One night the moon shone brightly;
The stars were shining too,
When to her cottage window,
Her jealous lover drew.
Says he, "Love, let's go wandering
To the valley deep and gray,
And while we are wandering,
We'll name our wedding day."

Deep, deep into the valley
He led his love so dear.
Says she, "'Tis only for you
That I have wandered here.
The way seemed dark and dreary,
And I'm afraid to stay.
Of wandering I've grown weary,
And would retrace my way."

"Retrace your way, no never.
These woods no more you'll roam,
So bid farewell forever
To parents and friends and home,
For in these woods I have you;
From me you cannot fly,
No human's arms can save you.
Floella, you must die."

Down on her knees before him,
She pleaded for her life,
But deep into her bosom
He plunged the fatal knife.

"Oh, what have I done, dear Edward,
That you should take my life?
I've always loved you dearly,
And would have been your wife."
"But I'll forgive you, Edward,"
Was her last and fatal breath.
Her pulse had ceased their beating;
Her eyes were closed in death.

The birds sang in the morning,
And dreadful was their sound.
They found her cold and lifeless,
A-laying on the ground.
They took her to the churchyard
And there they laid her down,
To be and sleep forever
In a cold and silent ground.

Also found in Randolph, Vol. II, #138, "The Jealous Lover"; Brown, Vol. II, #250, "Florella"; Belden, p. 324, "Florella."

All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

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