Sung by: Mrs. Alice Isringhouse
Recorded in Holly Grove, AR 6/15/59

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One evening when the sun was low,
Brown eyes whispered, "I must go."
Not one moment could he wait;
He kissed my cheek and left the gate.

Chorus: Those brown eyes I loved so well,
Those brown eyes I long to see.
How I sigh for those brown eyes,
Since strangers they have grown to be.

One evening I met him on the street.
I bowed my head; I could not speak.
Another girl was by his side,
And soon I thought she'd be his bride.


Just one year ago today,
They laid my brown-eyed boy away.
Up in heaven, where I long to be,
A brown-eyed angel waits for me.


All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

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