Sung by: Fred High
Recorded in High, AR 8/26/59

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Once upon this very ground
Indian children played around.
Overhead, the sky was blue;
Underfoot, the green grass grew;
And when playing, they could hear
Birdies in the treetops near.
Huts made out of wood or skin
For their homes that they live in,
And when playing, they were dressed.
They wore blankets for their vests.
If these children could be here this very day,
We would show them our nice playthings
And would teach them how we play.

(Mr. High: "Now, that's all of it. That's a pretty good song, I think.

Right on this ground . . . I've got Indian arrowheads and lots of things here and people come from way off wanting to buy them. They used to beat their meal with a rock; I've got several of them rocks now, here, they beat them in another pot of the thing made out of a rock or wood or something or other, beat the meal with a round rock, and uh, now then, uh, I'll talk on some more.

I commenced selling goods when I commenced in the storehouse. The post office was named after me, High, then I kept it here 'til all the big roads got rural routes all over the country, and they've taken the post offices, all the little ones, out. So I ain't a-selling goods nor nothing.

I got into the canning business and canned, uh, run a canning factory until they made a law that all of them's dead in this part of the country now. They ain't a canning factory here nowhere close.

And I've owned sawmills and hay balers and planing mills and one thing and another, and I've got out of debt, though, now, and I'm proud of that and I'm not a-going to get in no more if I can help it. I'm living here by myself, as I've said before. So I'll sing some more songs and you can . . .")

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