Sung by: Jewel Hawkins
Recorded in Batesville, AR 7/30/62

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Four and twenty blackbirds
A-baking in a pie.
When the pie was opened,
The birds begin to sing.
Oh, ain't that a pretty dish
To set before the king.

The king is in his counting house,
A-counting out the money.
The queen is in the kitchen,
Eating bread and honey.
The maid is in the garden,
Hanging out the clothes.
Along come a blackbird,
And nipped off her nose.

She had to go to the doctor
To get a wooden nose.
When she come back,
She couldn't see her big toes.

All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

The John Quincy Wolf Folklore Collection
Lyon College, Batesville, Arkansas
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