Sung by: John Harrell
Recorded in Marshall, AR 6/14/63

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My old master promised me
When he died he'd set me free.
He lived so long that his head got bald,
And he got out of the notion of dying at all.
Wa-wha-a-a, good old Mosee.

Turkey in the pea patch,
Picking up peas,
Along come the bell cow,
A-kicking up her heels.

(Comment by Mr. Harrell: "Oh, now, I can't remember.")

My old master, she is dead,
Ain't I glad of that.
I get to sell that wagon and steer
And buy me a brand new hat.
Wa-wha-a, good old Mosee.

(??: "That's what I said, nobody else could say that one but him.")

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